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Kamikaze Fireflies Bio 

Rob Williams and Casey Martin perform their show, Kamikaze Fireflies, for audiences all over the world at venues such as renaissance festivals, performing arts centers, corporate events, cruise ships, colleges, and international busker festivals. Between the two of them they have four Guinness World Records and were both featured in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records. This fast paced show is a unique mash up of comedy and the variety arts with juggling, hula hoops, german wheel, and whip cracking, as well as many tricks not seen anywhere else. The Seattle Times said they gave a "near riotous end to the show." On America's Got Talent  they received a standing ovation and Howard Stern said, "Fantastic. Captivating. You're funny. I was sucked into this thing. It was wonderful. I can't wait to see more." 


Personal Information 

The Flaming Idiots was the first show Rob created (along with Kevin Hunt and Jon O'Connor). The Idiots toured the world for twenty years before retiring the show in 2004. Casey Martin has been working as a professional acrobat and variety performer for over a decade. Casey graduated summa cum laude from Westchester University with a degree in Education. They both call Cincinnati, OH home now, but they started in the great states of Pennsylvania (Casey) and Texas (Rob). It was renaissance festivals that gave them both the opportunity to see live variety entertainment and then the chance to get their foot in the door. As part of The Flaming Idiots Rob went from living in a van and street performing all over America to performing on Broadway (4 separate runs) at The New Victory Theater on 42nd Street in Times Square. Zach Scott Theater in Austin, TX also gave The Flaming Idiots the stage and support they needed to grow their show from a festival act into a theatrical experience. While living in Los Angeles Casey began getting cast in film, television, commercials, and music videos. She was seen all over the world breathing fire in a California Tourism commercial starring William Shatner. After a huge success on America's Got Talent, the Kamikaze Fireflies heard from the world of cruise ships and completed numerous dates on the the Princess Line. Corporate events fill their winters and festivals and theaters fill their summers, but they still find time to be avid home cooks and intense consumers of dog videos. 

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