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Rave Reviews 

"Fantastic. Captivating. You're funny. I was sucked into this thing. It was wonderful. I can't wait to see more!"

-Howard Stern 

"A near riotous end to the show!"

-The Seattle Times 

"It was dangerous. It was exciting. It was funny!" 

-Howie Mandel 

What our clients have to say:

The Kamikaze Fireflies show at the Calgary International Children's Festival was fantastic.  The combined audience of kids and adults had so much fun. Even in that large theatre, you made us feel like we were in an intimate space.  We laughed at your humour;  we were amazed with your breath-taking skill; had a ball with your magical and playful entrance, and I have yet to see the loudest and funniest  "ewwwww" I have ever heard from an audience as Rob's whole foot was dipped into a pickle jar during the sandwich making segment. 

Aside from the show, both of you (Rob and Casey) were ready and available for any PR, media calls and even the  kid-based interviews for our website. Total professionals and supporters of our Kidsfest.

Brian Dorscht

Calgary International Children's Festival

OMG!! They were amazing! I heard person after person say how funny and exciting the show was. They loved the audience interaction, and kids and adults alike were on the edge of their seats. A group from 30 minutes away who had never attended one of our events before said that it was worth the drive and that they would be back for future shows!


Adam Wheat 

Theater Director and Coordinator 

Ouachita Baptist University 

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter highly recommending The Kamikaze Fireflies. The booking process was a breeze. Rob and Casey were upbeat and easy to work with from first call, through tech, the show, and load out. More importantly they packed our venue and delighted our audience. I saw people from seventy years old to six years old cheering the jaw dropping tricks and wiping tears of laughter off their faces at the jokes. The second the show was over we were backstage trying to book them again for next season. Simply put, The Kamikaze Fireflies are outstanding family entertainment.

John Mayer

Professor of Theater
CSU Stanislaus, CA


I had the pleasure of seeing this act 3 times last summer at the Larkspur Renaissance Festival in Colorado; their show was always SRO! The shows were amazing...Not only was the material "fresh", the rapport between the performers was electric! 
My husband volunteered to be in the show and within a minute of getting up to the stage, Rob was on his shoulders juggling fire!!! Casey and Rob never missed a beat and my husband had such a great time!  
I would highly recommend this act to anyone who wanted to see amazing acts of acrobatics and juggling paired with humor and style!!!


-Yelp Reviewer 

I am writing today to recommend to you Rob Williams and Casey Martin, and “The Kamikaze Fireflies”.  As a performer and entertainment director myself, I have worked with both these fine entertainers, together and separately for many years now.

Rob Williams has been a founding member of the iconic group “The Flaming Idiots”, has performed solo as “Saffron Finch” and currently is working with Casey as “The Kamikaze Fireflies”. He has also created numerous versions of himself for a diverse career in entertainment, spanning Renaissance Faires, Fringe Festivals, Private and Corporate Special Events, Live Theatre, Film and Television.  He has an unparalleled versatility which is the result of a lifetime of training and experience, flawless craftsmanship and a genuine delight in life and performance and people.  His comedy is singular and second to none. It is a combination of strength, physical agility, amazingly well crafted routines, a mind which sees comedic opportunities, and an immediacy and presence during performance which allows him to capitalize upon the moment.  He is talent and craft masquerading as high octane lunacy. I am deeply honored and humbled for every opportunity I am given to work with this generously talented individual and friend.

Casey Martin is a performer I’ve watched grow and develop over the years of our association.  She too has worked with some of the most highly respected variety acts, adding her unique humor and constantly learning new skills and developing new abilities.  She has become a force of nature by combining classical theatrical training with disciplined circus physicality. As flexible as a gymnast, as strong as an athlete and as stunning as a movie star, she radiates confidence and intellect and beauty.

Together, they are the “Kamikaze Fireflies”.

The show is impossible to describe beyond hilarious.  It is a constantly changing series of routines, patter, physical impossibilities, unbelievable situations and audience interactions. There is such a wealth of material available to these performers that they can readily adapt to any change in audience or situation. I have seen them perform many times and I am always struck by the huge audience reactions and constant laughter these two can generate.  Also, no one just passes by one of their performances. From the first moment you notice them you will be captivated as the delight is infectious and the humor is universal.  Onstage the show is magic, but after and between shows the magic continues as these indefatigable entertainers find every opportunity to mingle and perform in any available space.  Stage or street, indoors or outdoors, stadium or nightclub, your entertainment dollar is well spent.

Finally, beyond the show and their individual abilities, Rob and Casey represent the highest professionalism. Contact, negotiation and bookings are all handled with the most disciplined business sense. Needs and expectations are communicated well and a positive and helpful attitude is always maintained. Rob and Casey are always available and first to volunteer for press events and happily assist in advertising.  They are always welcome members of the backstage communities and families within the industry, and theirs is an opinion I welcome and respect.  I recommend them highly and without reservation.

Richard Weber
Entertainment Director - Florida Renaissance Festivals
Managing Director - Atomic Talent Inc.

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